These extracts are taken from some of the many letters received from our readers who wanted to express their sentiments about Wartime News


"I leave whatever I am doing to devour the contents as soon as it arrives... the stories bring back so many memories - good and not so good!" - Mr R T of Biggleswade


"What especially appeals is that all your contributors tell it as it was, not as people born 20-30 years later imagine it must have been." - Mrs M S of Market Rasen


"When I receive Wartime News the years slip away - once again I am 22 years old... reliving those war years."  - Mr W R W of Ferndown


"I am sure some of the stories you have published would have never seen the light of day if it was not for Wartime News."   - Mr A B of Austria


"At the time we only see and know about our own area of operation and fail to appreciate what others went through."  - Mr F T of Wells


"It's a sad fact that wartime people are now getting very thin on the ground - there is no way round this fact, so it is to be commended that you are getting the accounts of the actual participants." - Mr W I of Edinburgh


"Keep up the good work with your magazine as it does our hearts good to remember those days and the wonderful comradeship which has lasted a lifetime." - Mr P T of Theydon Bois


"May I say that Wartime News is an ever improving publication. I did not really think that it had room for improvement even from the first edition." - Mr J S of Bangor, Co Down


"I have no doubt your efforts will be giving much pleasure to many of we old campaigners." -

Mr J P of Sittingbourne


"Congratulations on the magazine, it is very interesting. It also keeps in mind what people went through in those days." - Mr D E of Stratford-upon-Avon


"Yet another feast of information which I had thoroughly read by tea-time. Keep up the good work." -

Mr E W S of Sheffield


"The Newsletter continues to interest me. It creates a valuable collection of personal recollections which are fast becoming part of the fabric of historical information." - Mr D M of Christchurch


"A superb read which is always welcome. Congratulations on the publication as a whole. We particularly enjoyed the article The Blitz - a Fireman's War!" - Mr J H of Leeds


"I do congratulate you on producing a magazine which is most interesting to those who lived through the Second World War and to a younger generation some of whom are interested from an historical point of view. Many congratulations to you."         - Mr J A of Shaftesbury


"It is iportant that younger people should know about the experiences of war as related by your contributors in the hope that thsi generation will realise that nobody wins in the end." -

Mr M P of Southampton


"I find Wartime News very enjoyable and interesting. You must strike the right chord to make many happy readers."  - Mr S W of Boston Spa


"The content and stories are very interesting and so vivid. You could almost feel you were part of it all. I look forward to the next edition." - Mr M C of Sturminster Newton


"You must be congratulated on the layout and the excellent selection of stories, told in terms that anyone can understand." - Mr E Hannath Hon Gen Sec, Normandy Veterans Association


"Thank you for Wartime News. I was very interested to read all the articles and it brought back happy memories of those wartime days." - Mrs M R of Wells, Somerset


"I recently caught sight of your excellent publication Wartime News. I have never seen the like before, and must congratulate you on keeping our more recent history alive." - Mr W P of Southbourne


"Your publication is excellent and of very special interest to individuals with combat experience. I am confident that members of my Air Force Group would like future copies." - Mr J C R of Nashville, Tennessee