Wartime Reminscences - written by those who were there!

A selection of personal accounts taken from various editions

Operation Overload - The first airborne assault on the Caen Canal 5/6 June 1944


KIngs of Lampedusa - The amazing story of three British airmen who landed their Swordfish on this remote island in the Mediterranean and found a garrison of 4,500 Italians who surrendered to them.


151 Wing to Murmansk - The story of Operation Dervish - the first arctic convoy to give aid to Russia


The Sinking of the Royal Oak - a transcript of Gunther Prien's log - U-boat ace and Captain of U-47


Guards Repel Panzers at Shiba Valley - by John Elliot - Battles don't get any more graphic than this!


Coming of Age at Walcheren - by Bob Harding - A 'ratings' story of the importance of taking Walcheren


Typhoons over Normandy - by Ken Trott - A pilots story taking on ME109s during the invasion


Wingate's Men hold Indaw - by John Richardson - A Chinditz story and their hard life in the jungle


The Tragedy of Slapton Sands - by Reg Hannaford - the dreadful catastrophe of a USA exercise in Devon in which the Americans lost many men through a German E-Boat attack


Victory off the River Plate - by the late George Deacon - HMS Ajax helps to outwit the Graf Spee


My Road to Freedom - by Jack Batt - A powerful PoW story in Gaschwitz south of Leipzig


Learning to Fly at Fairoaks by Joe King - A pilot's story of the training pre-Battle of Britain


Odyssey in Reverse by Lawrence Wheatley - A bomb armourer's story working with Blenheims


U515 Claims the Hecla - by Harry Cliffe - The account of a naval supply ship torpedoed en-route to Freetown


Fighting the Blitz - by the late Manny Gold - The Editor's father as a fireman in the London Blitz and the horrors of the bombings


Escape from the Lancastria by Frank Richards - The tragic account of the sinking of the cruise ship off the French Coast near St Nazaire


My Long Walk Home by Fred Gilbert - The trauma of a PoW in 1944 when some 49,500 PoWs had to walk to freedom


With Churchill to the Quebec Conference by Louis Pengelly-Phillips - The epic conference with Stalin, Roosevelt & Churchill


V-Weapons on Antwerp by Greg Hayward - a bombardment of V2s from Hitler to prevent the Allies gaining control of this port


Raid on Dresden - Bomber Command by the late Peter Twinn DFC.


Bomb Disposal - by Lt Col Eric Wakeling - One of the most experienced Bomb Disposal experts who managed to live through it all.


The Arc Sinks off Gibraltar - by the late Rear Admiral G.I. Pritchard CB.  A personal account by a well-known figure of the HMS Cavalier Society and was formerly Flag Officer Gibraltar and NATO Commander Gibraltar Mediterranean.




Fetching the Collars - by Jean Patterson - her account of the night she went to the laundry and it rained bombs


A WAAFs High Life by Knowler Edmunds - A WAAFs account of her work on Chain Home towers


Fetching the Collars - by Jean Patterson - A doodlebug experience whilst out collecting the laundry


Broken Nights with Bombs - by Margaret Smithers - a childs story of the London bombings and her relocation to Ramsgate


A Newly Hatched Wren - by Pamela Leworthy - the secret life of a Wren at Bletchley Park working in the French Department


Lighting the Sky - by Mrs P E Longland nee Baxter ATS - the only Searchlight Regiment, manned by women, in WWII

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