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Edition: November 2015

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The 75th edition of Wartime Newsreel is now available.


The Sinking of HMS Hood


We have been privileged to be given the most detailed account published on the sinking of HMS Hood on 24th May 1941.  The mighty "HMS Hood" was the beautiful and unique warship known to the British nation and beyond as ‘The Mighty Hood’.  With her, the brand-new, not worked-up battleship HMS Prince of Wales, ready to take on the German fleet......


The full story of containing 3,600 words is described in the chilling atmosphere of a ship ready for war with a crew of 1,418 men who perished in their very first encounter with the Bismarck.


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by Rob White:

The Mighty "Hood"

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Wartime Newsreel is published four times per year and mostly contains the previously unpublished stories of those who were there.  There are many heart rendering accounts from the tragedies of Dunkirk, to major sea battles including confrontations with the Bismarck, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz, Gneisnau, Graf Spee.....   There were many battles fought in this list and Wartime News readers were there to the bitter end. Many are still with us today and remember distinctly the actions in which they were involved.  The same goes for the aircrews of the RAF and the pilots.  Every reader of Wartime News played their part, even a WAAF who is featured in the November edition who plotted the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.  These were, and are, extremely brave and talented individuals who tell the story as it was.

Wartime Newsreel is now available on subscription with the first issue published in June (which covered the 70th Anniversary of D-Day).  The last edition was published in August, which is available now, with two more editions due in this subscription year of November and February 2015.  ( Individual copies are available at £4 per edition.)

The annual subscription for the paper copy is £16 for four editions along with a pdf version (for transmission by email) which is available for £8


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