The original quarterly journal of personal reminiscences - written by the veterans of World War II, and other theatres of war. Wartime Newsreel﷯

Established 1995



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founded in 1995 and still going strong ......

20 Years on and we're still producing     a Newsletter written by the veterans themselves!


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YES, your favourite quarterly publication is still here, with a newly amended title, WARTIME NEWSREEL. It's the same style publication but now with 20 pages in each edition and retains the same A4 format. Now Edited by the former Co-Editor, Barry Wilbraham, it features the personal reminiscences of the veterans themselves, most previously unpublished, and covering all aspects of the Second World War and other theatres of war. The first 'paper' edition rolled off the presses at the end of May 2014 in readiness for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.


To those of you reading this for the first time, the publication was the brainchild of Marilyn Ward, who in 1994, was the Co-ordinator for the 50th Anniversary of D-Day in Dorset.  Along with County Tourism Officer, Barry Wilbraham, they helped co-ordinate the many veteran groups and parades and produced brochures giving details of all the troop movements at that time, US, Canadian and British, plus maps of where those installations were.

Working with the Normandy authorities, and the ferry operators, a programme began to develop including the commemorations on Utah Beach and Arromanches.  From that activity a newsletter was born which introduced a few of the reminiscences of those veterans who could recall those battles, just like it was  yesterday.

So, with the support of the many veteran associations, and the veterans themselves, Wartime News was launched in 1995.  That was 73 issues ago, and it is available now on subscription

(UK only).  A pdf version is available for overseas readers to help keep mailing costs down.

The publication is packed with the personal reminiscences of the veterans.  Most are previously untold accounts of the battles across Europe along with those fought in the air and the sea, plus the harsh environment of the arctic convoys to Murmansk.  Then there were those that fought in Italy against all odds, and the brave 'Forgotten Army' in Burma and the Far East.


The VJ-DAY SPECIAL EDITION is now available


The Glider Pilots

The Chindits Trail

August 2014 Edition


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June 2014 Edition


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Wartime Newsreel is published four times per year and mostly contains the previously unpublished stories of those who were there.  There are many heart rendering accounts from the tragedies of Dunkirk, to major sea battles including confrontations with the Bismarck, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz, Gneisnau, Graf Spee.....   There were many battles fought in this list and Wartime News readers were there to the bitter end. Many are still with us today and remember distinctly the actions in which they were involved.  The same goes for the aircrews of the RAF and the pilots.  Every reader of Wartime News played their part, even a WAAF who is featured in the November edition who plotted the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.  These were, and are, extremely brave and talented individuals who tell the story as it was.



Wartime Newsreel is now available on subscription with the first issue published in June         (which covered the 70th Anniversary of D-Day).  The next edition was published in August, which is available, with one more edition due in this subscription year being February 2015.

The annual subscription for the paper copy is £16 for four editions along with a pdf version

(for transmission by email) is available for £8


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Please note:  Due to a change in ISSN numbers, the title has changed to Wartime Newsreel.

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